I GOT IT! Spirit

Some companies define their culture through mission statements or empty business jargon. At our Company, we like to take a different approach to things.

We understand that our success is determined through our employees and customers alike, and that the way we treat others is what truly defines us and our culture. We firmly believe that the difference you make in someone’s life today can resonate ten-fold into the future. The “I Got It!” spirit embodies this belief. We promote kindness, courtesy and respect towards others, and a belief that we should continue to work on improving ourselves each day, as individuals, and also as a team.

At our company we strive to provide you with an environment that promotes teamwork, good will, happiness, and personal growth. If you have concerns, we listen — and we do our best to resolve them.

Here is what some of our employees have to say about what the “I Got It!” spirit means to them

“I Got It!” is: “…the spirit and passion we bear each day complete with a huge smile filled with the joy in serving our customers.”
Station A25, Cashier

“I Got It!” is: “…having the right attitude by being positive and treating the customers as well as my co-workers with respect..”

“I Got It!” is: “…is a purpose-driven work ethic.”

“I Got It!” is: “…is simply the interior happiness that you transmit to everyone around you.”
Station R71, Store Manager

“I Got It!” is: “…treating others as you want them to treat you. Have respect, be caring and compassionate with everyone in life. You will be blessed.”
Station R8, Cashier

“I Got It!” is: “…being honest and responsible with a positive attitude and helping others. Acting with loving kindness with a prompt, happy smile, and giving excellent service to our customers to help them have a better day.”
Station A11, Cashier

I Got It
“I Got It!” is: “…treating our customers with respect and dignity. It also means learning new ways to challenge ourselves to provide great customer service and improve ourselves everyday.”
Station R18, Cashier
“I Got It!” is: “…the energy that ignites positive thinking within our company. Kindness, compassion, caring, understanding and respect are a few words that describe this energy.”
Business Support Manager
“I Got It!” is: “…working in a team and being able to give it all I can and help our customers and give a smile…”
Station R25, Cashier“I Got It!” is: “…passing on my positive attitude to everyone around me, hopefully improving their attitude and their day.”
San Diego Supervisor