“I Got It” Makes CENTS for Charity

I Got It Makes Cents for Charity is one way that United Oil chooses to give back to our community.  Each year we select a charity to be the recipient of our annual fundraising campaign.  Here’s how it works.  We put the word out that we’re looking for nominations from our customers to recognize 1 charity to which our company can direct its fundraising efforts.  Every year we receive numerous letters about all kinds of worthy organizations.  After our management committee reads and discusses all the nominations, the company narrows down the list to the top candidates.  We invite the organizations to come into our office so we can meet and learn more about them.  We look for an organization that not only has the ability to change people’s lives, but assists people locally in the communities that we serve on a daily basis.  Our company ultimately makes a final decision and chooses the winning nomination.

To raise money for the organization, our company chooses 3 consecutive days designated for fundraising from our gas sales.  For those 3 days, we donate .02¢ from every gallon of gas sold at all gas stations owned and operated by United Oil to the organization we have chosen.  We also place coin collection boxes in all of our stations for about one month leading up to the days of the fundraising.  We create a special video to be broadcast on all of our gas pump TVs to advertise the winning organization and our 3 special fundraising days.  We encourage our customers to wait for those 3 days to fill up their tanks so that we can give more.

This year our winning organization was Thomas House Family Shelter.  Thomas House provides a safe and supportive environment for homeless families.  The organization not only helps homeless individuals, they help entire families that are homeless by keeping the family together and offering them an opportunity to permanently change their lives.  Thomas House has a goal oriented, life changing program that offers comprehensive services designed to help families attain permanent housing and self-sufficiency.  Last year over 95% of their residents graduated from their program, 89% moved into their own home and 81% got full-time employment!

For more information about Thomas House, please visit their website.


Congratulations to Thomas House Family Shelter for being chosen for United Oil’s I Got It Makes Cents for Charity fundraiser for 2014.